About Us

This web site accurately embodies its name: It’s about living.

Life is filled with magic moments, moments that make one realise life is a gift that really is worth living. It may be expected, or one could suddenly and unplanned find oneself in a moment, simply experiencing sheer and utter life fulfilment.

Do share with us a documented version of the times you experience life in its fullness, the moments when you just know, this is what living is about. Such times should not necessarily be limited to exhilarating events such as parachuting or white water rafting down the Zambezi. It may also be that precious instant when you hold your kid or grandchild for the first time. It may be that beautiful flower you see when driving through Namaqualand, the moment you reach Uhuru, or the instant you experience complete quiet in the Nubian dessert.

The only requisite is that you must relay that moment in a paragraph or two and upload good quality photos.

This website could also provide ideas for new destinations or experiences you may be interested in. Some experiences simply have to be shared! Our main aim with this site is to leave you with a great sense of excitement and a desire to re-visit it again and again.

We realise that one can experience that “It’s About Living” moment more than once, hence the invitation to upload as many of these moments as you wish. It is free and great fun, so get started and share those moments with us!

The Name

During a motorcycle trip from Cap Blanc (Northern Most point in Africa) to Cape Augulhas (Southern Most point in Africa) I started to ponder over a name for the website, of which the concept was already born. I previously read of an adventurer who, on a question from a journalist as to why he did it, replied “I don’t know; it’s perhaps about living!” This stayed with me and after the motorcycle trip I realised just how right he was.

So, here it is, and it is ALL ABOUT LIVING!